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Govt must act on evidence of wrongdoing in Lingam case

THE Malaysian Bar is appalled by the stand taken by the government in Parliament on 9 Nov 2009 in relation to the Datuk VK Lingam video clip incident, in particular its viewpoint that investigations have revealed that no wrongdoing could be established.

Such a simplistic and irresponsible conclusion is an affront to the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI)’s investigation into the evidence presented. The RCI found that wrongdoings had indeed been committed, and also identified statutes that had been breached.

The evidence went far beyond what the government euphemistically called “lobbying”. It is reasonable to proffer views on the suitability of judicial candidates when performed without expectation of benefit. But this is a far cry from the quid pro quo exchange of assurances revealed in the video clip. That exchange smacks of cronyism and the improper use of political connections. Lingam’s statement that he has the ability to fix the appointment of judges brings into contempt the administration of justice.

There is other evidence of serious misdeeds, such as Lingam’s authorship of a judgment in a case in which he had himself appeared as counsel for one of the parties. Another example is the clear evidence of the joint New Zealand holiday taken by Lingam and then Chief Justice Tun Eusoffe Chin and their respective families, which wholly discredited their claims for many years that they had met only by chance.

These incidents must be investigated thoroughly. If there is truth in the any of the allegations that have surfaced, stern and appropriate action must follow.

The Lingam case has undoubtedly brought the Malaysian judicial institution into shameful disrepute. To now say that no laws have been broken and to classify the affair under “No Further Action” is to selectively and arbitrarily apply justice.

The tragic irony will not escape the Malaysian public — the very system of justice that Lingam abused and made a mockery of now refuses to mete out justice against him.

Ragunath Kesavan
Malaysian Bar

11 Nov 2009

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2 Responses to “Govt must act on evidence of wrongdoing in Lingam case”

  1. Nicholas Aw says:

    I don’t understand why the Minister in the PM’s Department, the Hon. Mr Nazri said that Lingam did not do anything wrong despite the findings of the Royal Comission.

    It is really mind-boggling to read such a statement. If Lingam was just play acting as claimed by Nazri, then he (applicable to both) must be off his rockers. Please explain how the photo with Eusoff Chin was taken on the New Zealand trip. Or perhaps, it is not Lingam or Eusoff Chin. Quote unquote: “Looks like me, sounds like me, but it may not be me”.

    This is mockery of justice of the first degree.

  2. raguel says:

    Bar Council must have the courage to speak up, pursue the matter to expose misdeeds of unethical legal profession [members] and [the] bench. […] We rakyat treated as morons […] why can’t bring lingam to [book]? Need him do further broking [of] appointment of judges?

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